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Mission Statement

PlayTime Productions exists to inspire children through quality theatrical productions. This structured, creative theatre is performed by children for children. We develop a sense of purpose, responsibility and self-esteem in the performers while providing the audience with a fun family experience.

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About Playtime

For over two decades, PlayTime Productions Children’s Theatre has been delighting audiences with its creative and spirited renditions of classic tales. Since its very first performance of The Red Shoes, PTP has staged more than a dozen productions, including The Little Match Girl, The Emperor’s New Clothes, and Sleeping Beauty. When performed by PlayTime Productions, each of these endearing stories is retold with an eye to the present, always with a twist and many a surprise. [Learn More…]

Cinderella Story Children's Theatre Performance

Shows & Events

Since it was founded, PTP has embraced classic children’s tales for its signature productions. These tales are designed for casts of approximately 25 children, which is PTP’s target cast size. PTP’s productions are not simply recaps of the story line that has been told for generations. Instead, PTP retains the charm, creativity, and moral “lesson” of these timeless stories while injecting them with cultural richness, humor, and many modern plot twists. Themes are tied to the present, with something audiences of all ages will understand and enjoy. [Learn More…]

Snow White Children's Classic Play


Want to try out for PlayTime shows? Find out all about it right here! Every show starts with an open casting call, meaning that anyone between 8 and 18 may audition and the roles are not pre-cast. We love to cast young people with a broad range of skills, including brand new students. PlayTime appeals to children of all kinds of talents and ambitions—those who are actively involved in many activities, and those for whom PTP is their only group activity.  For many in the cast, this will be their first play.  Children do not have to prepare memorized pieces to audition, they just must be ready to read, sing a little, and try a few dance steps. [Learn More…]

Sleeping Beauty Children's Theatre Performance


Our generous sponsors understand that the 21st century demands flexible and innovative thinkers. Arts organizations like PTP prep children for new perspectives and ideas that develop stronger social bonds within communities. Research studies confirm the many benefits of exposing children to arts and culture: children who participate in arts programs and cultural activities earn higher grades and test scores and go farther in school. [Learn More…]

Princess and the Peas Children's Theatre Performance


When you support PlayTime you help ensure our children have positive, life-enriching experiences. It is critical for youth, the thought-leaders of, to be immersed in a robust, artistic, and cultural environment throughout their developmental years. In addition to giving children the invaluable experience of going to the theatre, by supporting PTP you will underscore its importance to the community and to the lives of countless children. [Learn More…]

Emperor's New Clothes Play Production

Cast Information

If your child is in the cast, please check for important announcements and changes to rehearsal schedule. [Stay Updated]

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