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By PlayTime Alumnus Zach Cotant

From PlayTime Productions Fall 2011 WWW.OZ


Characters updated from the Wizard of Oz as they appear in PlayTime Cyberspace:

Dorothy-†††††††††††††††† Dot

Scarecrow-†††††††††††† Crash

Tinman-††††††††††††††††† Toolbox

Cowardly Lion- †††††† Megabyte




(It was meltdown time)

Toolbox bloto like Mr. Roboto

Looking round for some oil to swallow

His handkerchief has tattered fringes

Cuz he cries all the time and it rusts the hinges on his silver skinsí

He gotta get a heart while I gotta get smart

Next the lionís gonna do his part


When the water went splash and the witch went crash

(It was meltdown time, meltdown time)

From her nose to her feet a complete delete

(It was meltdown time, meltdown time)

Now Dot can go back and she donít have to pack

(It was meltdown time, meltdown time)



They call me Megabite the chicken liver

Goin' to Circuitboard City just to see the wizard

Cuz I was scared a the dark, nights at the park

when Oz gives me barrels of that courage Iíll be toppiní the charts

As the illest lion, now babies cryin when I blink

And I can chill in public even when Iím wearin pink

Everyone knows Iím the king of the jungle

Now Crash, when I hand you this mike donít stumble



This straw yo it always trips me

Thatís why I stumble round like Iím always slipsy

Iím walkin strange cuz I need a brain

Callin Doctor Oz up to make that change

Cuz Iím up and down like a roller coaster

Witch stepped up to our crew and Dot hadda soak her

Drizzle Fizzle the old witch is dead

Now weíre bumping down the world wide web.

© Copyright 2011 PlayTime Productions